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Jefferson Expands Nitrile Glove Production

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

With the sudden rise in COVID-19 infections, many hospitals are facing increased usage of essential supplies, and primarily gloves. The impact of the pandemic is clearly visible on the Medical Glove sector as it caused the adoption of Medical Gloves for personal health and safety among common people. Being that this item is currently used by essentially every industry, has led to an even more scarce supply of the finite raw material. Reports have been spread that one of the largest glove manufacturers, Malaysia's Top Glove will close 28 plants in phases as it seeks to control the outbreak, authorities said. The recent COVID outbreak and factory closures are going to have a huge impact on glove supply chains globally.

To mitigate this unprecedented surge in demand, Jefferson Care has taken action to secure further glove production slots with respected manufacturers around the globe. Focusing on Thailand and Vietnam our teams are increasing both the strength of our supply chain and ability to satisfy the growing demand. We have rapidly deployed resources to secure lines of supply through our sourcing teams and extensive manufacturing network.

We trust that this update has been insightful in outlining the current market conditions and increasing awareness as to potential upcoming shortages. Our team is looking forward to supporting you with any PPE requirements or inquires you may have, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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