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The sterile water products provide safe, medical-grade saline and water products to clinicians worldwide. Our Sterile Field Flush Syringes provide the clinician with a high-quality, terminally sterile, ready-to-use solution to enhance patient care and improve clinical workflow while reducing the risk for medication error and inadvertent needlestick injuries.

Sterile Field Flush Syringes

    • 10mL saline flush syringe is terminally sterilized specifically for sterile field applications allowing it to be aseptically placed in a sterile field
    • Sterile Field Saline Flush Syringe features a sterile fluid pathway
    • Typical areas of use include oncology, interventional radiology, critical care, and other applications such as CVC and PICC insertions
    • It is intended to be used only for flushing indwelling vascular access devices
    • Newest addition to the family of Prefill Flush Syringes
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