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Your Need.
Our Source.

We review and analyze your spend in a given product category, and then come up with a customized solution that better meets your company's objectives.


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For more than 46 years, Jefferson Care has offered dependable products to institutional businesses. Our ability to deliver cost savings is made possible by our talented team members, collective expertise, and integrated strategy.

Seamless and Integrated Approach

We make it simple for Supply Chain Agents, Procurement Agents, Purchasing Agents, and Category Managers to find high-quality, specially curated products. We want to assist you in procuring a high-quality product while keeping costs down.

Jefferson Care's integrated and adaptable approach is designed to reduce the stress related to locating specific materials, creating custom sizes, and meeting specific needs. We have access to such a wide variety that, even if we are unable to assist you in sourcing a particular custom need, we can still locate a different solution that satisfies your needs.


  • Product Requirements

  • Timeframe

  • Performance Standards

  • Supply Chain


  • Budget

  • Sample Approval

  • Manufacture Comparisons

  • Formal Quoting

  • Procurement


  • Product Lead In + Manufacturing of Goods

  • Project Management

  • Postproduction Quality Control

  • Postproduction Quality Assurance

  • Domestic Transportation

  • Importing & Customs Clearance

Tested and Trusted Solutions

Our core solutions groups are essential across numerous industries and are tailored to the particularities of each. All of our clients experience significant cost savings as a result of our sourcing strategy. Additionally, our rigorous processes ensure the quality of our products and put them to the test. To guarantee that every one of our products satisfies the highest industry standards in each category, we have partnered with the top qualification and inspection companies globally.