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Four Decades of Experience

Your Safety. Our Priority.

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  • Qualified teams on the ground to validate suppliers and verify authenticity.

  • Factory allocation reserved to maintain availabilities during market shortages.

  • Partnerships with international freight carriers with globally deployable response teams.

  • Scalability for greater production capacity during times of high demand.

We Optimize
Supply Chain.

We provide a proven solution that enables healthcare institutions to recover & maintain business continuity amidst a crisis. Our products and strategies have been endorsed by leading infection control specialists for over 40 years.




Risk Mitigation

We partner with reputable manufacturers that have been verified for quality and dependability. Our factory direct access eliminates risk and ensures a seamless process from order to delivery.

Verified Sources

Delivered Globally

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COVID-19 Response 

We understand the unique challenges facing you and your team during this unprecedented time. Our focus is to supply you with the product you need when you need it. Our global sourcing teams have continued to secure production slots amidst current market shortages of Personal Protective Equipment.

Image by Mika Baumeister
Shipping Containers

Supporting our Healthcare Heroes

Early on in the pandemic we experienced a surge in demand. With our reserved factory allocations already in place, this allowed us to get shipments to critical care facilities and frontline workers more quickly & efficiently. Our manufacturing portfolio of Nitrile Gloves and Isolation Gowns increased by over 30% within 10 months.

We Stand with Ukraine

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