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Food Service Safety & Consumables

Streamline operations and access to food services disposables with Jefferson Care. We assist your food service company in consolidating SKUs, locating supplies that adhere to the highest safety standards, and guaranteeing your supplies.


We offer a wide range of consumables and equipment for use in nearly every single step of the process.


Consistency is key when it comes to quick-service restaurant essentials like PPE, food containers, dry wipes, trash liners, and trash cans. Our team will help source and deliver the right supplies, at the right price, seamlessly, and efficiently

Delivering precise material and size, cutting-edge thinking, and competitive cost savings to drive more profitable transactions.


We specialize in a tailored strategy to integrate into your distribution network, which includes calculating freight costs, securing vendor prices from suppliers, and guaranteeing delivery to restaurants.

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into our warehouse here.


We are more than just a traditional distributor who only sells their own goods, leaving you with the option of buying or not. We work together with you to achieve results right away. We employ consultative methods.


For order and product efficiency as well as product health standards, we'll assist in creating a unique program.

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Case Study: Orlando Health

This hospital group has provides, many forms of care including emergency, surgical & pediatrics, using more than 1,500,000 gowns per month.

Rubber Gloves

Jefferson Expands Nitrile Glove Production

With the sudden rise in COVID-19 infections, many hospitals are facing increased usage of essential supplies, and primarily gloves. 

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