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Industrial Safety
Equipment & Supply

Jefferson Care is dedicated to accelerating access to and supply of Industrial and manufacturing safety equipment and is a major supplier to many private construction organizations worldwide.


We have a diverse portfolio of safety equipment and supplies for use in a variety of applications and environments. Safety Workwear, Traffic Cones, Fall Protection Equipment

Need industrial safety products to lower the risk of mishaps and injuries at your workplace and worksites?

We can equip your regional and global teams with protective gear so they can reduce accidents and emergencies. Your company is susceptible to a wide range of accidents and emergencies, including fires, falls, and numerous other undesirable circumstances. With Jefferson Care, you can lessen or even eliminate the threat that these occurrences pose to your company.



Jefferson Care can supply your teams with gear for increased visibility, safety and fall protection, facial protection, and medical emergencies.

We are more than just a conventional distributor who only offers their own products for sale, giving you the freedom to customize solutions for your needs, rather than simply buy, or not buy.  We collaborate with you to quickly produce results, using a consultative process. Our team will help develop a special program for order and product efficiency as well as high product standards.

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Case Study: Orlando Health

This hospital group has provides, many forms of care including emergency, surgical & pediatrics, using more than 1,500,000 gowns per month.

Rubber Gloves

Jefferson Expands Nitrile Glove Production

With the sudden rise in COVID-19 infections, many hospitals are facing increased usage of essential supplies, and primarily gloves. 

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